How Renewi created a culture of continuous improvement contributing to £3.8m in cost savings in 2 years

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About Renewi 

With a revenue over €1.9B and 8,000+ employees spread throughout Europe and North America, Renewi positions themselves as a leading recycling company.

About Kaizen Institute 

Operating in over 35 countries, Kaizen Institute's mission is to advise businesses and organisation leaders in making their growth and profitability objectives happen. Our Founder, Masaaki Imai, is no less than the Father of the Kaizen.

Our Guests


Kevin Bell

Contracts Director

Kevin Bell is a seasoned Director with over 35 years of experience in a wide range of industrial sectors. Since 2018, he has been acting as Contract Director at Renewi, responsible for several waste processing sites across the UK, overseeing 200+ employees and a multi-million-pound budget. He possesses a wealth of expertise in areas such as Lean, six sigma manufacturing, growth strategy, business transformation, operations and production management.

Luis Godinho V-1

Luis Godinho

Senior Principal

A well-versed senior principal, Luis Godinho joined the Kaizen Institute over 10 years ago.
He has extensive international experience in the field of Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement methodologies using Kaizen, Lean and 6 Sigma. From Injection Moulding to Healthcare, from Product Development to Fulfilment, Luis is an expert in process optimisation, consistently delivering world-class results across industries.





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How Renewi managed to achieve £3.8 million cost savings


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